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Brooke Eastham | Dermatologist | Residency Harvard

When I began working with Antionne Scott three years ago, I thought I was in good physical shape. Little did I know, Antionne would take me to a whole different level of fitness.  For many years, I had centered my exercise regimen around long cardio sessions, with very little strength training. I considered myself to be a “healthy” eater however I had never given much consideration to what my body truly “needed” to be healthy.  Through Antionne’s expertise in strength training, he has taught me how to lift weights safely, consistently, and in the perfect combination to target multiple muscle groups.  He has also worked to provide me with a balanced cardio regimen, including endurance and interval training. Additionally, he has taught me the necessity of combining a proper nutrition regimen with physical training.

Initially, I trained with Antionne once weekly in the gym, however, due to my career path, I moved away and our sessions were limited to a few times a year. While training with him during a visit home, we decided to attempt virtual training. My virtual training program consisted of three weight routines weekly, a balanced nutrition plan, and bi-monthly telephone consultations with Antionne.  Additionally, I sent pictures and measurements weekly. Antionne adjusted my training and nutrition plans based on my progress and personal fitness goals. Since starting this plan, I have lost nearly 9 inches and 7% body fat and have gained notable muscle definition.

Antionne’s method and style of training is truly unique. I can honestly say, I don't think I will ever find anyone else like him. Antionne looks at the whole person, and tailors each client’s plan to his or her fitness and nutritional needs.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take his or her physical training seriously. It is a commitment that is well worth it!

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