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Antionne has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Mississippi and Certifications in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition.

  • When we enter a room, some people may assume things about us as we may do when encountering unfamiliar territory. Maybe it’s human nature; it could be curiosity; or the attempt to connect with the unknown. As usual, when we get to know an individual, there is another side to them that we had no idea existed. I like to call this “The Story Before the Glory” theory. To provide you some insight on how I have used motivation from others and faith in myself to become ADScott Fitness, here is my story:
    I started out as a young male raised in a household by two strong women: my mother and her twin sister, my aunt. Their approaches for me were at different ends of the spectrum. My mom pushed me to do and try anything I put my mind to, while my aunt was the educator and disciplinarian. The phrase that was forbidden to be uttered in our house was (and still is) "I CAN'T"! This belief system is what led me to fitness. As a child, I was always involved in athletics, but I was not the most talented. We can say I usually ended up in the middle of the pack.  At the age of 12, my P.E. 

"The Story before the Glory Theory"

teacher introduced me to the weight room. This is when I realized that my "I CAN" attitude could catapult me beyond my fellow peers. At the age of 16, I ran 2 miles before school every morning at 5am. After I finished, I headed to school to train with the building engineer from 6am till 7am, it wasn’t until then that I started my day.

This work ethic led me to receiving a full scholarship and become a four-year football letterman at The University of Mississippi. After graduating from “Ole Miss” with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, I played football for the Arizona Rattlers in the AFL. I became a certified personal trainer and started what is now known as ADScott Fitness. While training others and playing football, I discovered that I was very physically strong, but internally weak. I had hypertension issues, with a blood pressure of 170/110 in 2005 I was seeking wellness. This led me out of football and into nutrition. This was the beginning of my competition career, and an undying PASSION to help you achieve the same! Walk with me. Work with me. Together, we can write your "Story to your Glory"!

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